Writing online requires a slightly different skill set than that of writing for print. Using good SEO techniques along with proper keywords (or tags) will help make or break whether your article is viewed via search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, or MSN. Everyone always asks How do I writeContinue Reading

If you are concentrating on a minimum keyword density, you might be doing more harm than good. The lure of free clicks from Google is huge. Many copywriters are putting keyword density at the top of their importance lists when creating Web content. The problem is, if you don’t write for theContinue Reading

The length of a keyword is equal to the square of the hypotenuse. Obviously that’s not a true statement, but it does illustrate how difficult it is to explain and use keywords. Math does figure into it somewhat, albeit not in something as formulaic as the calculations for a rightContinue Reading

Keyword crazy. Sometimes that’s what the world of writing for Google, Yahoo and the other search engines feels like. As a writer of web content you eventually come to realize that a different set of rules apply to writing for the internet than used to apply to writing of any kind. ProvidingContinue Reading

Google want’s you to be successful! They also want to make money. Google is smart enough to know that if they make internet marketers more successful it will translate into more money for them. One of the best things they have created to make this happen is the Google keyword tool, andContinue Reading