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Google want’s you to be successful! They also want to make money.¬†Google¬†is smart enough to know that if they make internet marketers more successful it will translate into more money for them. One of the best things they have created to make this happen is the Google keyword tool, and the great part is that it is absolutely free.

Here is the link to the Google keyword tool:

The Google keyword tool will give you keyword statistics on Google search which represents over 75% of all searches every day. Ranking high on Google search is critical to your success as an internet marketer. Research shows that the vast majority of people searching for information will only look at the first page that comes up in their keyword search. Therefore, it is critical to be ranked as close to #1 as possible to generate targeted web traffic to your sites.

When doing a keyword search, it is important that you create phrases that are specific to your product or service. People that search the internet are looking for solutions. Use words such as best, fix, repair, how, review, renew, free, info, etc.. in your keyword phrase to let your traffic know you have the solution to their specific problem. A phrase such as how to repair a bike chain will get much more targeted traffic than repair a bike chain Creating more targeted traffic to your site will increase the possibility of a sale.

The Google keyword tool will tell you how much global and local traffic a keyword phrase is generating on average over a 12 month period. It will also give you a general idea of the amount of competition that exists for the keyword. This information is critical when determining what keyword phrase to use in your web content, landing page content, article marketing and paid search marketing. Using the advanced features, you can filter your keywords a number of different ways to target specific countries, devices, and your competition. Using the traffic estimator, you can calculate the estimated CPC, ad position and cost per day for paid search advertising on Google.

In conclusion, take advantage of the Google keyword tool and other free tools that Google offers. It is in their best interest to help make you successful and they have created a number of different tools to help you succeed.

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