How to Get High Paying Keywords On Google

Webmasters and bloggers spend years trying to make it to the front page of Google for high paying keywords. The sad fact is that most are never able to achieve that goal. The highest paying keywords have just too much competition. You are battling against hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of other websites for the front page of Google, which only houses ten listings.

Google News changes all of that. Once you are a Google News Source, you can achieve the front page of Google for a number of high paying keywords. Each article that you write may only be on the front page for a day or maybe even just a few hours, but you can do it again and again by writing more articles. I have several sites that are Google News Sources and I have written about or hired people to write on just about every news topic you can think of. I have learned what are the time wasters and what are the money makers. I’m going to share that with you now.

Just after Thanksgiving, during the peak of the Tiger Woods media storm, we wrote a lot of gossip articles about the Tiger Woods situation. The golfer’s name was the most searched name in the world for almost two months. We would write about ten articles a day about him and the number of unique visitors was through the roof, however, the payout was not. Tiger Woods content may be juicy, but AdSense ads pay squat for this type of content.

We tried the celebrity thing, writing articles about Adam Lambert, Britney Spears, and the like. More of the same, tons of traffic, but not much of a payout. Each AdSense click was worth about a dime or less. We wrote about politics too, but didn’t get much traffic at all. You see, Google News bumps stories down in rank as newer stories with more information come out. When you write about politics, war, or the earthquake in Haiti, you are competing with the top news agencies in the world and they are pumping out articles by the dozen every five minutes, around the clock. Top news stories are just too difficult to compete with.

Then we moved a different direction. We turned toward the economy. Sure, the economy is bad, but writing about the bad economy is real good! We started writing articles about foreclosures and how to avoid them. We wrote about loan modifications and bankruptcies. What we found was pay dirt! The click through rate of these topics was 800% higher than that of celebrity news. And the best part was that clicks were paying in the $3 to $4 per click range! They still are to this day!

Trying to get on the front page of Google regular search results for these keywords is like hitting the lottery, meaning it probably won’t happen, BUT getting on the front page as a news result is very easy to do. Like I said before, there are only 20,000 Google News Sources and most of them are focused on breaking news stories. Very few are in one specific niche. So, I focused on high paying niche news articles. I surfed the web for the latest news about foreclosures, bankruptcies, mortgages, refinancing, gold investing… anything that had to do with the bad economy. I found articles and re-wrote them in my own words.

Now mind you, this was a very part time thing for me. If I spent an hour a day writing two or three articles in this niche, the profits would be anywhere from $40 to $100 a day consistently. Not bad for one hour a day! I have a family business to run, but times were tough and that extra income for one hour a day worth of work really came in handy!

Here is a list of topics that you can write about and the estimated average CPM that you will make from them. That means this is close to what you should earn from AdSense clicks per every one thousand visitors for these topics.

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