How to Sell on eBay: Online Auction

Selling on eBay can be a great way for individuals to earn money. Most everyone can find miscellaneous stuff laying around their house, with no purpose other than the fact that it’s taking up much needed space. Why not sell those items for some extra cash? Some of those unused items, that would normally get thrown in the garbage or sold for a buck at a yard sale, may be exactly what someone is looking for on an online auction. Before getting started it is important to take the time to research the tricks and tips of how to sell on eBay.

Research Before Listing

First off, individuals should carefully research the item in which they are wanting to list. It is best to use different key phrases in order to find all possible matches. Once the seller finds out just what their item is selling for, it is best for the person to set their reserve at a reasonable price within their search results. If the item is overpriced it’s obviously not going to sell, especially when buyers can purchase the same item for less from another seller.

Describe Item With Accuracy

It is essential that individuals describe their item with as much detail as possible. Buyers look for detailed descriptions in which they feel they can rely on its accuracy. If there is one small scratch, it is necessary that the seller include this information. This leaves the buyer with no unexpected surprises when they receive their package.

Increase Profits Easily with Better Photos

It is often said that the photo is what sells the product. In many cases, this is quite true. The seller needs to do their best to take a clear picture of their item. This is the first thing the buyer will see and often what draws them to the item, in the first place.

Answering Buyers Questions

Individuals should keep in mind that buyers may contact them in regards to any questions they may have. A seller needs to make sure their account is linked to a specific email that can be checked often. It is always best to be friendly and somewhat professional when answering potential buyers questions.

Be Clear on The Shipping

The seller needs to be very clear on what kind of shipping they will provide. Buyers also appreciate receiving a shipping code in order for them to keep track of their package. Low shipping fees are very attractive to buyers, so it is extremely important for the seller not to overcharge shipping fees,

Give The Buyer Options For Payment

Individuals should give the buyers several options for payment. Although PayPal is the most common payment method, buyers appreciate the ability to choose other payment options. If a buyer sends a check, it is best for the seller to wait until the check clears before shipping the package.

Re-list Unsold Items and Save Money

Individuals should keep in mind that any unsold items can be re-listed on eBay’s online auction. It is best to use the option to re-list, rather than to create a new listing for the same item, as eBay does not charge the individual again if the item sells. Sellers often receive emails on special discounts related to certain days in which they can list items for a lower rate; sellers should always keep their eye out for upcoming deals.

Be a Successful eBayer and Earn Positive Feedback

If individuals take the time to list their items properly, it is quite possible they can go far with selling on eBay. Following these steps will help them to succeed, which will lead to positive feedback, creating a better chance for individuals to bring in a wide range of potential buyers.

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