How to Succeed at Marketing an Online Business in Web Design and Graphics

Several years ago I take an interest in web design and graphics. During this time frame I was learning it for the very first time in a classroom in high school on a program called Microsoft FrontPage. I had taken the class out of boredom and to fill my schedule, but didn’t realize I would be able to turn it into a career later on in my life. Using the coating was intuitive to me, learning HTML and CSS, and I felt that I needed to learn something more on top of the. Fortunately, I was right. It wasn’t until I graduated that I realized that I could gain a wealth of information and a brand-new skill set just by simply researching things on web design from the computer.

I had decided to start my own company back in high school, but was unsure as to what to do, what services are offered, and what pricing I should go with. I had learned over time that charging fair amounts while still providing quality content was an excellent way to get started. The business model had in mind was offered as a consulting package, not à la carte as many web design studios today still employ. I realized later on that design was not my forte, so I switched over to doing all of the backend coding and designing. I quickly learned that by doing the backend coding and having knowledge of the design of the front end, I could make websites that manage themselves or hand them over to a client once the project was complete and let them manage the site. I also realized that by creating a framework such as the one after mentioned, that I can cut down project time severely, almost over 75% of my time is now spent doing marketing, graphic design, and print production for the clients that I do the websites for.

Now several years later, I have a growing business with a small list of clients that are coming back for repeat business, and referring me to others because of the quality of my work. I have been building several sites over the past few months, including a social networking site for food lovers, redoing a home appliance repair services website, upgrading a local theater website, and beginning several of my own endeavors teaching clients how to do web design themselves and make a profit from it. The tools of the trade are by far and wide the most expansive and expensive I have ever used, which gives me all the freedom in the world to try new methods in my own time. When I was younger, I always thought that I would be a stockbroker or a pilot or even a scientist. I realize now that doing web design is my passion, and unlike many traditional careers, this is a field that is ever expanding.

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