Inexpensive Online Marketing

Marketing your business online does not have to be expensive. You do not have to pay a PR company hundreds of dollars to get the word out about your company. With a few simple resources, creativity, and patience you can market your company online with very few green backs.

Follow Reporters 
Get to know who your local reporters are. Start following them. Read their articles on a regular basis, and get to know their area of interest. Once you have a good sense of who and what these reporters represent, you can seek out those who can benefit you. Begin submitting contributions for review. Reply to their blogs, tweets, and Facebook updates. Give feedback that is interesting and useful. Nothing annoys reporters more than receiving a request, feedback, or contribution that is completely irrelevant to their work.

Helpareporterout or (HARO) is a free website dedicated to matching possible contributors with reporters looking for sources. Sign-up with HARO, and receive daily reporter queries in your inbox. Read through them, and respond to those queries you can contribute to. If the reporter is interested, you just may get published-for free!

Social Media Sites 
We all know that using big social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and Delicious can spark brand awareness and create customer loyalty. But, have you looked into the smaller social media sites like, scribd,, friendfeed, meetup, plaxo, and migente for even greater exposure? Stay abreast of what is being said about your company over these social media sites, positive and negative. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Respond to your followers, communicate on a personal level, and dispel any unfavorable comments.

Blog Respond 
Scout out well-trafficked blog sites that you can contribute to. Ensure that your blog responses are not spammy. Comments that scream, “I am trying to sell you something!” will be ignored. Instead aim to provide readers with a contribution that is informative, useful, and honest. Be sure to include your name and website address with each post. Inspired readers will click-thru to your website.

Use Video 
I read that YouTube has something like 20 million unique visitors a month. 20 million! Can you imagine the marketing possibilities there? Start by creating your own videos, and upload them onto YouTube. In order for your videos to attract traffic they must fall into one of the following categories: informational, educational, or entertaining. For example, if you have a nursery and garden store, consider creating a video about the proper way to prune a rose bush. Search engines will direct interested parties to your video, and a marketing relationship begins.

Marketing your business does not have to cost a fortune. Long gone are the days of expensive marketing campaigns. Today it is all about social media and purpose. Start by turning on your computer. Scout local reporters, and respond to HARO queries. Next, update your social media sites with good, relevant information. Cyber-surf and contribute your knowledge to a few popular posts. And, lastly, turn on your camera-it is time to shoot a video your customers will digg!

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