Online Music Marketing – Getting Your Music Heard

Today’s music industry is very different then it use to be. We are shifting from the old school method of marketing and promoting music to this new social media method. People now purchase a lot online, interacting through social networks, reading their news online, and if they want to find out something most people will Google it. So musicians should be focusing on there online music marketing and promotion. Today with the internet getting your music out there in front of potential fans has been easier for the independent musician. It use to be that you had to have a record label back you up but these days people are making great music from home. The technology has grown so much we can be our own music producers, recording engineers, promoters, booking agents, advertisers, marketers, you name it we can probably do it. Of course not everyone can make a great sounding recording on there own and there is still a need for recording professionals but a lot of us can make demos and put them online.

The first thing you should do before going out there and seeking new fans is to find your niche and pursue your market. Find out what kind of people like your music and gear your efforts to finding these people. One great way of finding people who may like your music is to make a list of all the artist that other people have said you sound like. If you don’t know, ask a couple of people to find out or think of some artists who have influenced you.

Here are a few avenues to explore to help get your music out heard online.


Podcasta are audio or video files released in a episodes. There are pod casts for just about any subject and you can find pod casts by genre. Podcasting has quickly become very popular. So many people run successful podcasts with great audiences. If it’s a podcast with a small following or a pod cast with a large following, you can still benefit from both of them. People who listen to independent music podcasts are more open to discovering new artists and the people who create them have a love for music. The number one site I recommend checking out is the Podesafe Music Nework. Pod safe means you can put your music on this website for podcaters to play for free. This is were podcasters can find your music and play it. Now unlike internet radio there are no royalty payments for artists and podcasters, but there is potentially a great benefit that you can gain with the exposure that podcasts can provide.

Social networking

Sites like Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook are the top social networks. Combined there are millions of people who log in everyday. They should now be considered promotional tools for musician. These websites can provide great exposure if you are consistent and you follow some basic principles. Set yourself a goal to add new friends every day or as often as you can. Then set some time to follow up. This includes responding to email, commenting on profiles every now and then, and updating your statuses. Be courteous and don’t over promote yourself. Your job is to make people aware of your music and make them feel like they are part of your community.

Website promotion

Your website is your home base. It’s your piece of real-estate and with this fast changing cyber world it is your number one stable site. You should always own your website domain and if your not sure, find out if you do and if you don’t find out how to own it. You may have to change it if you don’t. Your website is where you should direct all your fans. It’s where they can find you if something were to happen to all the popular social networks. Although its unlikely they will be going away over night, still anything is possible and it’s better safe then sorry. It’s best to not rely solely on Myspace for this reason. You don’t own your profile and it’s scary to think you might wake up one day with it gone because something happened to your account.


There are literally thousands of bloggers. Many of those are music bloggers that have established themselves a pretty good following. They can help get the word out by reviewing your music. Make a point to contact some bloggers, build relationships with them first by introducing yourself and following up every now and them. Comment on some of their posting. To find blogs go to You can search for bloggers who write about your style of music.

Internet radio

There are tons of internet radio stations. Having your music played in rotation on these sights could make a difference but like with anything else you have to be persistent by making the contacts and following up. To find radio stations do a Google search for your ” genre” then “internet radio stations” you’ll have to sort through and find the best ones to pursue but there a lot out there. A great site to start out with is on This website is great for independent musicians to start getting there music played on play lists. It’s a great place for people to discover your music.


There are tons of forums out there. If you don’t know what a forum is, it’s a place where people can post like topics to discuss. it’s like a message board but you can start threads and have conversations. Think about where you can find people who like artists who have a similar style of music as your. For instance you can go to a popular artists fan club and participate in that forum. After every post or comment you make your name, website and a blurp about you shows up underneath. It’s called a sig file. You can set this up when you sign up to use a forum. If you participate regularly you will eventually builds some queries and people will want to find out more about you.

Set yourself some goals. If you consistently seek out new places to get your music heard you will eventually start seeing results. It takes some times but the key is to be persistent. Hope this article was helpful.

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