Rejection Free Marketing – 4 Keywords that Are Crucial for Search Engine Domination

Your keywords should be unique to you and set you apart from the competition. Four examples that are absolutely crucial would include…

1 – Your name

2 – Your internet brand name

3 – Your company name if you have one

4 – Any special marketing strategies that are unique to you

Your goal should be to show up as #1 on the search engines for each of the mentioned key words.

But what is even better is owning the first several pages on the search engines for those specific keywords. That is what you want. To have your keywords completely dominate the search engines.

By dominating the search engines with these 4 keywords, you will establish yourself as a leader and an expert in your particular field. It will make you recognizable and set you apart as someone to be trusted.

This is very good for you because people do business with those that they know, like, or trust.

So get specific on what your 4 keywords will be and then get busy posting content rich articles and videos with those keywords in the titles. You might even see results within a few days or less.

Once you dominate the search engines with your keywords, you will have free massive traffic for a potentially long, long time.

Good luck and never give up on chasing your dreams!

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