Valuable Keyword Phrases You Can Use to Drive Traffic Contents

Valuable keyword phrases is critical if you want to drive traffic to your articles. And for those who earn money through page views, getting traffic to your articles is even more important. The best traffic comes from natural traffic. And the only way this traffic is going to come to you is through the use of valuable keyword phrases.

How to get quality traffic?

The answer is from the search engines. Through the keywords that people use to look for information at the search engines such as Google search engine. So we need to find these valuable keyword phrases that people are using to search and optimize these keywords in our articles. You should provide quality content and information for free on your article. The more value your visitors believe they are getting, the more likely they will be to return for more.

Write an article that would be interested in reading. It should be informative and easy to read because the goal is to teach your reader something that they did not know before. Customers remember who provided them with new knowledge! Make sure everything is spelled properly and there are no grammar mistakes otherwise you’ll make yourself look bad in the customer’s eyes.

Keep creating new content and submitting new articles regularly. This will dramatically increase your article traffic over the long-haul and it’s the consistent results which make you the obvious choice.

In this article I shall uncover more keywords that you can use in your articles to get more page views to your articles from natural traffic. Bookmark this article as I shall be updating these valuable keyword phrases from time to time. I shall divide the keywords into 3 groups to fit the health, hobbies and self-improvement categories. Here are the valuable keyword phrases that I’ve managed to look up:

Health Category


  1. acne laser treatment
  2. acne skin treatment
  3. acne care treatment
  4. acne and treatment competition
  5. acne home treatment
  6. cystic acne treatment
  7. acne treatment gel
  8. homemade acne treatment
  9. severe acne treatment
  10. herbal acne treatment

Total searches for all acne keyword phrases are more than 1000000.

Hobbies Category


  1. antique Chinese porcelain
  2. antique vintage jewelry
  3. antique costume jewelry
  4. antique fashion jewelry
  5. antique gold jewelry
  6. antique jewelry rings
  7. antique silver jewelry
  8. antique style jewelry
  9. fine antique jewelry
  10. antique diamond jewelry

Total searches for all antiques keyword phrases are more than 1000000

Self-Improvement Category

Job Interviews

  1. job interview questions and answers
  2. common job interview questions
  3. tips for a job interview
  4. sample job interview
  5. job interview skills
  6. job interview techniques
  7. job interview preparation
  8. answer job interview questions
  9. job interview advice
  10. sales job interview

Total searches for all job interview keyword phrases are more than 1000000.

Above is a few example valuable keywords that you can use for writing article that boost traffic to your article. There is a lot valuable keyword for you to write an article and you can find it by keyword tracker tool.

You’re most welcome to use some or all of these valuable keyword phrases. Read my article for Keyword Density if you don’t know how to optimize your keywords for the search engines. Remember to bookmark this article because when you’ve run out of ideas to write about, you can always come here to get ideas for your articles.

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