Videoblogs (Vlogs) Drive Traffic to a Site: Videoblogs Are Great for Viral Videos

Just a couple of years ago, blogs were new. However, thanks to the enthusiasm of bloggers, blogging became a household name and now blogs are more common than anything else on the Net.

However, reading and writing texts is boring – not to mention the millions of people who are illiterate and for whom reading a simple text online is next to impossible. This is where videoblogs fit.

What Is So Special about Videoblogging?

It is not true to say that videoblogs started as a response to reach the illiterate individuals online. Rather, when movie recording equipment became more affordable and even amateur videographers could get decent equipment to make movies with, the amount of videoblogs on the Net grew exponentially.

While not everybody is a writer, shooting a video seems easier (but it isn’t). Maybe this illusionary ease of production led many bloggers into videoblogging. Anyway, the Web only benefits from more vlogs of high quality and even if the quality of most video clips is far from perfect, vlogs are still very attractive for visitors.

Some Examples of Vlogs:

Viral Videos Are Like a Magnet

Internet marketers are pragmatic individuals and they quickly put vlogs to use. Internet marketers didn’t need explanations why a vlog is great. Instead, they harnessed the potential of videoblogs in their marketing campaigns.

One of the best uses for videoblogs is when they gather many viral videos. Yes, many videoblogs are just the storage place for viral videos and they do make a lot of money for their creators.

Viral videos are usually distributed for free. A viral video is a video about something users like – this is what makes a viral video to be perceived as useful. When a user receives a viral video he or she deems as useful, this user will most likely mail the link to the video to all his or her friends, acquaintances, and business partners and this way the viral video reaches a really wide audience.

In a sense, the task for the distribution of the viral video is in the hands of users – the more users like the video, the wider its distribution. Actually, this is where the name viral video came from – similarly to a computer virus, it distributes on its own and its creators only reap the benefits.

However, even if a webmaster doesn’t plan to use his or her vlog as the storage place for viral videos, a videoblog still could be a very profitable endeavor. The market for videoblogs is far from saturation and ad revenue could be quite satisfactory. So, if a webmaster hasn’t considered the idea of a videoblog yet, it is not too late to do it.

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