Where to Make Money Online: Self Employment Web Sites Freelancers Should Use

Many would-be self employed professionals have the talent and the motivation to earn money, but they don’t know where to find money-making opportunities online. Learn more about four Web sites that offer varying money-making possibilities for freelancers who want to earn real self employment income.

Where to Make Money Online

Scouring the job boards isn’t always the best way to start earning money with self employment. Job competition is fierce, and the current economy doesn’t exactly inspire employers to take a chance on new hires. Need to know where to make money online without searching through dozens of different ads and sending out tons of different letters? There are at least four sites that are rich with opportunity for freelancers who want to make money:

  • Etsy. Craft selling web site Etsy gets many, many buyers every single day. Specializing in handmade goods, this site provides a large marketplace for independent sellers who have something to offer.
  • Demand Studios. Freelance writers can find lots of opportunities with Demand Studios. Offering a large list of needed articles and prompt payment schedules, this Web site is a good place for writing professionals who want to make money online.
  • Lulu. Writers, designers and other self employed professionals can make use of self-publishing with Lulu, offering their talents to a broad audience and potentially making money as a result.
  • Fotolia. Sites like Fotolia allow professionals to sell photographs online. This Internet opportunity gives photogs a chance to put their skills on display and make money online.

Using Self Employment Web Sites

There are lots of great Web sites on the Internet which give freelancers many opportunities to make money online. Unfortunately, there are also lots of scam sites online as well. A good way to avoid being taken in or taken advantage of is simply doing research. Before doing work with any new Web site, attempt to look it up online to read any relevant scuttlebutt. Self employed professionals are willing to share information, and many of them will point out scam sites in forum groups and blog posts.

Making money online isn’t usually as easy as finding a single site. It’s a good idea to establish a relationship with two or three sites if possible, exposing skills to a wider market and spreading the wealth to make more money. Things change in self employment, and by using more than one site to earn professionals help protect themselves against devastating results when an income source suddenly stops.

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